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Drug offences

Drug Offence Solicitors London

There is a range of drugs offences that people can be charged with and the severity will depend on the class and quantity of drugs involved, as well as the accused’s role in the offence. Drug offences generally fall under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, which is a complicated piece of legislation.
Offences can range from simple possession of a class C drug to possession with intent to supply a class A drug. However, even a charge of simple possession can have fairly serious consequences. It is therefore vital for someone charged with a drug offence to get expert legal advice as soon as possible.
Our specialist defence lawyers can advise and guide you in relation to a drugs charge and ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

Drug classifications

Drugs fall into three categories:

Class A drugs

Class A drugs which are the most serious and include ecstasy, cocaine and heroin: the maximum sentence for possession is 7 years imprisonment or life imprisonment for supply and production.

Class B drugs

Class B drugs which include cannabis, amphetamines, ketamine and some synthetic substances such as ‘spice’: the maximum sentence for possession is 5 years imprisonment or 14 years for supply and production.

Class C drugs

Class C drugs which include tranquilisers and steroids: the maximum sentence is 2 years imprisonment for possession or 14 years for supply and production.

Possession with intent to supply

Possession with intent to supply can range from the supply of small quantities to friends, to commercially supplying large quantities of drugs to many people. The prosecution will look at various factors to decide whether the drugs are for personal use, such as:

The amount of drugs

Any unexplained cash in possession

Lists of names that could be customer lists

Relevant packaging and tools to reduce large amounts into smaller amounts as well as drug paraphernalia, such as scales

A court may reduce the sentence in certain cases where there has been cooperation with the police or an early guilty plea. The age of the offender, whether the dealing was to fund a drug habit and as a result of any pressure from other dealers can also help with mitigation.
Other drug offences include:
● Importation● Exportation● Production of an illegal substance.
These drugs offences are taken very seriously since they routinely involve very large quantities of drugs and the dealers can make millions from these offences. They are the backbone of the illegal drug trade and so are dealt with very harshly. Police will use forensic evidence as well as mobile phone evidence and sat navs from cars to build a case against an accused.

Our experience

Our Directors and Solicitors have had significant involvement in a variety of large case including Operations Tutor, Ontake & Classman (in Manchester) which involved conspiracy to Import Class A and B Drugs and conspiracy to Launder the Proceeds of Drug Trafficking.

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