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Magistrates’ Court Cases

Magistrates’ Court Cases - Criminal Defence Solicitors London

Virtually all criminal cases begin in the Magistrates’ Court. About 90% of cases will be finalised there too although some transfer to the Crown Court for trial or sentencing. Expert representation is very important for anyone facing proceedings so that they understand the court process and the strength of the evidence against them and can make the right decision on whether or not to plead guilty. Lack of representation can put you at a serious disadvantage.

Why choose JSP Law

We have acknowledged expertise of representing clients at Magistrates’ Court Cases. Our sound understanding of the criminal justice system and criminal offences means that we can assemble compelling evidence and documentation in order to mount effective defences or to mitigate to reduce sentence. This involves considering the prosecution evidence with our clients and providing advice on the strength of the prosecution case and how to get the best result.

Our experience

Our Directors and solicitors have extensive and specialist experience of dealing with criminal matters in the Magistrates Court and you can rest assured that you will benefit from a first class professional service.
We have specialist advocates who appear in the magistrates court on a daily basis for types of hearing including trials.


We can advise you under the Legal Aid scheme but if public funding is not available we will quote you a competitive price for our work.

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