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Call now - 0333 577 2999 (24hr)

Ameeta Patel


Ameeta Patel


T: 0333 577 2999 M: 07951 762 668E: ku.oc.walpsj%40ateema


Defending serious Crown Court cases including:

    Magistrates court trial defence advocate. Particular experience in dealing with vulnerable clients.
  • Accolades/achievements/qualifications

    Consultant solicitor (qualified 2002).

  • Three words you’d use to describe yourself

    Meticulous, Approachable, Empathetic.

  • Three words your colleagues would use to describe you

    Friendly, Persuasive, Dedicated.

  • Best moment/career highlight

    Convincing a Crown court jury to find my client not guilty of burglary by actually showing them in court that a cigarette butt could be flicked over a fence and proving that was the reason it was found in the garden of the property concerned.

  • It has to be JSP Law because...

    We care for each and every client representing them to the very best of our ability. We have an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • You love your work but could be persuaded to...

    Be a dance teacher.

  • You may be surprised to know that...

    I am very creative in particular I’m a great hair stylist.