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Tim Scarisbrick


Tim Scarisbrick


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Tim is a veteran of thousands of contested trials and master of defending the most challenging of cases. He is an expert in all aspects of Criminal defence work and specialist at getting people through the difficult times.

When you are down on your luck and have ended up in trouble you just want someone there to help sort out the problems whilst maximising the chances of a favourable outcome with clear expert advice and assistance throughout your journey through the Criminal Justice System and Tim delivers just that.

In his spare time Tim attempts to create music with guitar and piano. He also considers himself to be a midfield dynamo of yesteryear and is passionate about Science.


St. Albans

Practice Areas

All areas of Criminal law


● Qualified as Solicitor 1995.● Higher Court Advocate (HCA)● Accredited Law Society Duty Solicitor

Professional memberships

● Law Society● Duty Solicitor Scheme