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Sexual Offences

Sexual Offences Defence Lawyers London

Sexual offences are serious and range from voyeurism to incest or rape. In recent years internet policing has become more prevalent, and your computer may even be searched if you are questioned on an unrelated matter leading to prosecution for possession of indecent images.
Being charged with a sexual offence results in reputational damage whatever the outcome and a conviction is likely to result in a prison sentence and registration as a sex offender.

Our experience


Director Vinod Jumnoodoo was involved in the acquittal of one of three defendants in a rape case resulting in the conviction of the youngest-ever rapist. The Court distinguished our client’s position from that of the other two. It was a complex case because the victim was so young and there was an intermediary both for her and the youngest defendant.
Director Matthew Bliss represented a defendant in a case of conspiracy to rape (Operation Linear) at Nottingham Crown Court where the case collapsed over disclosure issues.
Director Finbarr Cuneen became involved in representing a large number of suspects prosecuted as a result of Operation Ore where information from the US law enforcement authorities was used by the British Police force to prosecute thousands of users of websites featuring child pornography. This was the United Kingdom’s biggest ever computer crime investigation.
Solicitor Alicia Nottage successfully represented a defendant who was acquitted on three counts of rape at Harrow Crown Court (R v B).
With the increase in historical cases of sexual offences, it is important to have an experienced team around you. James Bailey Woodward successfully represented a defendant at Caernarfon Crown Court on a historical rape case where he was alleged to have raped his niece when she was a young child. The defendant was found not guilty.

Why choose JSP Law

We can provide a non-judgemental, supportive, sensitive service for people under investigation in this way. We also deal with cases of indecent assault, rape, and a whole spectrum of other offences under the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

We work across offices in Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire. We are also able to represent you if you live elsewhere as we can see you not only in our offices but at home or in prison if necessary.


We can advise you under the Legal Aid scheme but if public funding is not available we will quote you a competitive price for our work.

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